Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've been struggling some lately. Feeling things I haven't felt in a long time. Insecurity, anxiety with some other things. I know it's hard to come out of the funk when it feels so strong. I've started by reading some verses on how I've been feeling and listening to worship music. It's helped me a lot this morning! Although I still feel a little bit funky I feel much better. God comes to us when we seek Him and call for Him. He won't ever leave us. He's close to the broken hearted and crushed in spirit. Speak His name out loud, seek Him, listen to music that ministers to your soul and get some exercise. Exercise does really help. I think in some way it is spiritual just like sleep! I forgot sleep. Get sleep! We are not in our right minds when we are really tired. This song by Misty Edwards has ministered a lot to me this morning. Listen to it and let is refresh your spirit. Search in Youtube Misty Edwards Only a shadow. I couldn't get a link to work. Sorry. I love God! He is so awesome!