Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Hard Yet Successful Morning

So this morning has been really rough.  I usually spend time with God after I piddle on the computer and eat breakfast but today I started updating my checkbook.  Everything was getting on my nerves!  Our puppy was going crazy and chewing on everything and going potty in the house.  The apartment is filthy because I haven't had time to clean it.  I was even getting mad at my husband on the phone.  Now usually when I get like this my emotions take over and I'm angry or in a bad mood for a little while.  But I had a breakthrough this time!!  All of a sudden my mind clicked and I started to journal my thoughts and prayers.  I started feeling a little better. Also our puppy calmed down and when they are sweet puppies they just melt your heart so that helped.  :)  I asked God what I should do.  He told me to finish reading my book called "12 Power Thoughts" by Joyce Meyer.  The chapter I was on was called "Put God First".  It talked about when you give God the first part of your day, or other firsts too, then everything after that will be blessed and productive.  Now I've been struggling with this whole spend time with God first thing in the morning.  I use to do it because that's what you were suppose to do.  I could never connect it with His love.  After I read that this morning though it clicked.  I don't need to spend time with God first thing in the morning because it's what I need to do or because ohhh I'll have a bad day if I don't.  But I need to do it because I need Him.  I need His strength and peace.  Because I will go crazy if I don't.  :)  And everything will get on my nerves.  But now the connection is different.  I have connected it with love instead of just do it or you'll go crazy.  I will go crazy but now the I need Him is there.  :)  Sooo, today has been a success!  I moved past my emotions quickly through God's help and learned that I need His love at the beginning of the day.  I hope this helps someone.  I know when I read stuff like this it encourages me.  Also, the same thing goes with your finances, your attention and anything else!  I'll leave you with a quote from Joyce Meyer's book 12 Power Thoughts.  "God is a creator, not a consumer.  Everything we have comes from Him; He simply asks for the first portion of it back- not because He needs it, but because we need to give it to keep ourselves mindful of the fact that He is preeminent in our lives.  Nothing we offer to Him is ever lost; instead it can be multiplied because we put it in His hands."

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