Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Very Long But Fun Day

Hi everyone!  I know it's really late!  We usually don't stay up this late but it's my hubbies Friday today! Woohoo!!  Also date night!  I started off the afternoon today by baking up some goodies!  I tried this Zucchini Brownie recipe I read on a blog I've been enjoying recently.

They look and taste yummy!!  :)

For our date we headed out to Culver's!  We haven't been there in a long time.  This trip was way overdue.

Look at us being all goofy! :)

My dinner loot! :)  Butter burger and cheese curds! Yuuuuuuum!

And this...this was soooo good.  Flavor of the day.  Coconut Cream Pie! It had boston cream stuff in it. mmmhmm.  :)  Can you believe I ate all of this!?  I can! I was ready for it!

Usually we don't splurge like that.  Usually only on date nights.  :)  Afterwards up until now it has been a night of Olympics watching and then some soccer on the xbox.  Well, it's late and the late night cravings have started.  So I'm going to jet and get some of those yummy zucchini brownies in there! :)  Have a good night and tomorrow!!

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