Monday, August 13, 2012

Sometimes It's Not About You

Ok so this is an update from my earlier post this morning.  Just In Time

I was struggling really bad this morning with negative thoughts and feelings.  Now usually when we are in this spot we think there is something wrong with us (I was thinking that!).  Or what do I need to do to fix me.  Well, I just realized it wasn't about me.  Well, it was, but even more it was also about a  good friend.  They were struggling with some stuff too and if I had still been in that negative mindset I wouldn't have been able to let God work through me to pray for them and help them.  So just remember when you are going through some junk, it may just be our enemy trying to keep us from hearing from God to help someone else or for Him to speak to us.  I had to share this with you all!  I'm just on cloud 9 that God would let me help Him in speaking to someone and that He would show me what was going on this morning. :)

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