Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching Up

Hi all!  I know I left you guys hanging the other week.  We ended up having a lot happen and I really wasn't able to blog any.  Our date night went very well.  Our Indian food was awesome!  My hubbies grandma ended up passing away so we went back to Oklahoma where our family is.  On the way we stopped where we use to live and work to attend a reconciliation service.  It was amazing!  We were blessed to watch the congregation be reunited with 4 past pastors that didn't leave on good terms.  One being our lead pastor we worked under.  They washed their feet and loved on them.  I was overwhelmed with feelings of love as we sat back and just watched.  We even were reunited with some friends we haven't spoken to in at least 2 years.  God's reconciliation is so awesome!  The next day we headed down to Oklahoma.  We drove back Wednesday and my hubby had to leave Thursday morning to go on a church event for 4 days.  My nanny came and spend some time with me though.  That was nice.  We had fun relaxing, shopping, eating and watching movies!  :)  Sunday was crazy but good.  I there all by my lonesome. Well, I had some awesome leaders there to back me up.  Ok, they did everything! ;)  They are the best!  My hubby was still gone so I was in charge of Sunday morning children's services.  It went well.  God was in control.  Otherwise I would have been a mess.  Now my hubby is back! Yay! I missed him so much.  All the craziness is over with.  I'm ready to relax with my hubby again with our normal routines.  Well, I'm off to clean the house.  I hope everyone has an awesome day today!

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