Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nice Refresher

So today was different.  Jason and I actually went to a Sunday morning service!  I'm sad to say that we have not made that a priority lately.  We are usually back in the children's ministry area taking care of stuff and hanging with the kids.  While I love always being there we don't have Sunday night services or Wednesday night anymore.  So we made it a priority this morning to get to first service.  We loved it!    It was so refreshing!  The worship time was really good for me and the message was amazing!  No surprise there.  Our pastor is awesome! :)  So from now on we will be trying to make it to first service and head on back with the kids second service.  Really excited for some of our leaders too that never get to go to service either.  We have to lead by example! :)  Going to head out later and pick us some of our tomatoes from our friends garden.  They let us use a part of it.  Hope everyone is having a great Sunday afternoon!

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