Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So I tried a product some of my friends from church have been selling and promoting lately.  It's a wrap to lose inches, tighten and tone your body!  It's all natural.  I saw pictures of them and of people they know and there are huge results!!  I've been really trying to get my little pooch off my tummy for a while and so I decided to try one to kickstart the shedding the pooch process.  :)  Now after 45 minutes of wearing the wrap I bloated...because I had so much junk in my system.  It works for up to 72 hours and the total count after 72 hours is 1 inch off where your bra strap is, 1/2 inch off waist, 1/2 inch off belly and 1/4 inch off hips! I wore one wrap for just a couple of hours!  So if anyone is interested in losing a lot of weight, inches or just toning up a little bit I would so check these out! You can put them anywhere you want! Here are the links to my friends pages.   https://sheli.myitworks.com/  indybodywraps.myitworks.com  and https://courtneysnodgrass.myitworks.com/.   

I think you may have to check some out on Facebook.  Like the middle one. :)  There are so many more products than the wraps too.  I think it's a christian organization also.  Remember though, eat healthy and exercise to get your best results!  It's all about being healthy!  Have a great day everyone!

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